Action Items

The unique, pervasive, and one-sided nature of CNN's convoluted linguistic formulations about the Israeli military occupation compel any reasonable observer to conclude political bias

We first must note that CNN’s reporting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not all bad. On several critical points, however, the network has adopted a unique, bizarre, and indefensible position on what is otherwise universally understood to be Israel’s status in the Occupied Territories as well as the legal status of Jewish settlements in these areas. 

Nakba widely misrepresented as an anti-Israeli protest instead of a Palestinian commemoration

“As they mourn today’s anniversary of the birth of Israel, Palestinians find themselves living through a new disaster, a mismatched struggle with the Jewish state that threatens what they have accomplished in the past eight years.” — from “A Bitter Sense of Deja Vu for Palestinians,” by MARY CURTIUS, Los Angeles Times. Of course Palestinians are not mourning the birth of Israel, but the uprooting of 800,000 Palestinans from their land in the Nakba

CNN refers to the West Bank and Gaza Strip as part of Israel

Following our April 12th Action Item #11, CNN yet again portrayed the Israeli occupation as a Palestinian point of view, in a April 26th report titled, “Israel celebrates independence, Palestinians mourn deaths”: “But the Palestinians blame Israel for the violence, saying they employ heavy-handed methods to control Palestinian protesters — and that the presence of Israeli troops in the West Bank and Gaza amounts to an occupation of Palestinian territory.” 

CNN's Jerrold Kessel decides that the existence of the Israeli military occupation is merely 'a point of view'

Any suggestion that the 34-year-old Israeli military occupation is a Palestinian “opinion”, rather than an internationally established fact, represents the extreme end of irresponsible and inexact international media reporting. CNN’s Jerrol Kessel goes there. 

Black is for mourning, to say "we're not conforming," to war crimes in the Middle East

“The deadly operation launched by Ariel Sharon this week in Rafah, the southernmost city of the crowded and occupied Gaza Strip, is picturesquely code-named ‘Operation Rainbow.’ Dressing up a murderous assault on unarmed civilians with an ancient symbol of glittering hope is obscene. One hue never present in any rainbow is black. But that’s the shade I’d like to focus on in this essay and call for action.” EI co-founder Laurie King-Irani suggests a simple symbolic protest to encourage thought, inspire discussion, and nurture solidarity in the face of escalating carnage in Gaza and Iraq. 

Urgent: Protest Israeli war crimes against civilians in Rafah; Gaza

The Electronic Intifada urges all concerned people to contact international and government officials to demand immediate action to halt Israel’s assault on Rafah refugee camp in Gaza. Israel is in the process of committing major war crimes with total impunity. The United States continues to give a green light to Israeli war crimes. In recent days, Secretary of State Colin Powell half-heartedly criticized the destruction in Gaza. Today, however, as the atrocities continue in Rafah, President Bush declared in a major address to the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC that Israel “has every right to defend itself from terror.” Bush made no criticism whatsoever of the Israeli attack on Rafah. 

Speak out now for Rafah

The American news media have been largely eyeless in Gaza (save for Molly Moore did write a moving though haunting piece about Rafah for the Washington Post of May 16). According to UNRWA 1,100 Palestinians were made homeless in the first 10 days of May. Has that appeared in your local newspaper? Can you imagine the hue and cry if Palestinians somehow had the capacity to force 1,100 Israelis out of their homes in Ashkelon just a touch north of Gaza? The story would lead the newspapers — as it should — even if Palestinians said they were simply moving back to the land they were pushed out of more than 50 years ago. The point to make to the newspapers, and to CNN, is that both Israeli and Palestinian suffering should be covered. All too often, Palestinian casualties are ignored or downplayed. 

Civil society response to Bush declaration on right of return

In a response, more than 1,250 organizations, networks, coalitions, grassroots activists, community leaders, and intellectuals from across the world have joined in few days the “International Response” to the declaration made by President George W. Bush supporting the policies of Ariel Sharon. The Palestinian Right to Return movement in its entirety and organizations representing Palestinian refugees and those exiled took the lead in standing firm and unified in their collective demand to exercise the inalienable right to return. On May 15, 2004, this response and signatories will be sent to all members of the United Nations. 

Seven children killed and one boy used as human shield by Israeli forces

The International Secretariat of OMCT has been informed by Defence for Children International - Palestine section and Al-Haq of the unlawful killing of seven children, the youngest of which was 4 years old, and the beating and use of a 13 year old boy as a human shield. OMCT expresses its grave concern over these events. The International Secretariat of OMCT requests your urgent intervention and asks you to write to the Israeli authorities urging them to order a thorough and impartial investigation, in order to identify those responsible, bring them to trial and guarantee adequate reparation to the victims. 

McResponse: Form letter sent out by McDonald's in response to EI's Action Items

Following a series of Action Items by the Electronic Intifada, beginning on 5 March 2005, McDonald’s Corporation headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois has been sending out form letters to those who wrote to the company about the issue. The letter claims “Regarding the recently fired employee, her employment was terminated for performance reasons by her supervisor, a Palestinian Arab who also speaks Arabic. No one has ever been let go for speaking his own language” and reiterates that “Hebrew is spoken when employees are conducting business.”