Action Items

Israeli activists seek global help to save Palestinian home

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions has issued an urgent appeal to every person concerned with justice, human rights and peace in the Middle East to help save the home of a Palestinian family that has been demolished four previous times. Global citizens are asked to urgently contact their political representatives to demand that the Israeli government rescind the order against the house immediately. The true reason for not granting permits and demolishing homes is to confine Palestinians to bantustans. 

ISM coordinator Huwaida Arraf arrested at Huwara checkpoint

ISM founder Huwaida Arraf was taken into custody at Huwara Checkpoint near Nablus on June 18th after she protested the abusive treatment Palestinians were receiving from Israeli forces. Huwaida began negotiating with soldiers to secure the release of two Palestinian men who had been detained in the sun with their hands tied behind their backs for over 3 hours. One of the men has a bad back and was detained while trying to cross the checkpoint on his way to an appointment with a physician. 

Protest Israeli bombing of civil institutions

Tonight, it appears that the Israeli army will bomb the Gaza International Airport. This morning, PA forces located in the airport were told by the Israeli military to evacuate. The Gaza Airport, located in Rafah, Gaza Strip, is one of the five exit/entry points in the Gaza Strip, of which only two have been open, with greatly reduced accessability, since October 9, 2000. The airport itself has been closed since that date. Early this evening, an F16 was seen flying over Rafah. Journalists have been at the site all day, photographing and waiting for something to happen. 

Israel raids offices of International Solidarity Movement

Israeli forces raided the ISM office this morning, confiscating equipment and material and snatching three women. Dozens of soldiers, border police and civilian police officers raided the ISM office, confiscating all computers, not only in the ISM office but in the nearby office of the Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement. Files, CDs, and photos were all pillaged, while soldiers broke equipment and damaged office space. Israeli forces kidnapped Palestinian volunteer, Fida, American volunteer, Flo, and a worker with Human Rights Watch visiting the office. 

The case of Fareg Ibrahim: symptomatic of a slow process of ethnic cleansing

Almost a year ago, in May 2002, the Israeli Minister of Interior decided to deport Fareg Ibrahim, an Arab-Egyptian married to an Arab-Israeli woman, and father to a two-month-old baby, Camela. Since June 2002, Mr. Ibrahim has been held in custody, without being accused of any crime. has been held in custody, without being accused of any crime. The Tel Aviv District Court denied his requests to be released on bail. Usually, foreign residents, are interrogated and released on bail. However, Israeli judges decided to keep him in detention. 

Famous comedian Jackie Mason incites genocide of Palestinians

World-renowned American stand-up comedian Jackie Mason has published an astonishing demand that Israel threaten the Palestinian people with genocide. Mason and co-author Raoul Felder wrote: “We have paralyzed ourselves by our sickening fear of World Opinion, which is why we find it impossible to face one simple fact: We will never win this war unless we immediately threaten to drive every Arab out of Israel if the killing doesn’t stop”. EI calls on activists to respond. 

Mass amnesia hits the media concerning Israeli military incursions into Palestinian areas: Have we lost a clear sense of the scale of Israel repression during the 10-month-long Palestinian revolt against miltary occupation?

“Israel’s incursion into Jenin on Tuesday was the first time Israeli troops have entered a city under full Palestinian control since parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip were handed over to Palestinian rule under a peace deal in 1994,” said the BBC. But it wasn’t, and the error was reproduced widely. 

Encourage your local newspaper to state the obvious: Editorials must call for the basic minimum demanded by international law -- an end to Israel's military occupation

The Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial of November 12th, 2001 called for an end to Israel’s occupation. More papers should take this common sense approach. 

The CanWest Chill: "We do not run in our newspaper Op Ed pieces that express criticism of Israel"

The 7 December 2001 broadcast of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s As It Happens reported on a new editorial policy directive from CanWest Global, a leading Canadian media conglomerate, that impairs readers’ ability to make up their own minds about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, among other issues.