Protest Israeli bombing of civil institutions

Tonight, it appears that the Israeli army will bomb the Gaza International Airport.

The Gaza International Airport, located in Rafah, Gaza Strip, is one of the five exit/entry points in the Gaza Strip, of which only two have been open, with greatly reduced accessability, since October 9, 2000.

The airport itself has been closed since that date, with the exception of a couple of several-day periods. Apart from that, the Israeli forces have destroyed the runways to the airport several times.

These are some examples of Israel’s violation of human rights regarding right to movement in the Occupied Territories. Gaza has essentially been turned into a small, overcrowded prison.

This morning, PA forces located in the airport were told by the Israeli military to evacuate. Early this evening, an F16 was seen flying over Rafah. Journalists have been at the site all day, photographing and waiting for something to happen.

The entire Gaza Strip is currently sealed off. Erez is closed. Mabar (Rafah Crossing into Egypt) is closed, and a tank is patrolling the entrance. An F16 flies low in the sky.

Direct your communications of protest to:

Minister of Interior Abraham Poraz
tel: 011-972-2-6701402
fax: 011-972-2-5666376

closest aide to Mr. Poraz - Mr. Tibi - tel: 011-972-56 204 244

MK Chen Reshef (Shinui Knesset Faction Head) - 011-972-51 519937

E-mail addresses for protest letters:

Minister Mr. Avraham Poraz
Director Mr. Mordechay Mordechay
Spokesman Ms. Tova Ellinson
Public Relations Ms. Nechama Pluga-Zecharia