Youth Against Settlements

Palestinians in Hebron face violent revenge for filming Israeli soldier's violence

Palestinian activists face death threats, raids and beatings by Israeli soldiers as “revenge” for filming their misconduct in Hebron, says Issa Amro, director of Youth Against Settlements.

Settler-driven archaeology plan threatens to push Hebron family off farmland

Patrick O. Strickland
23 January 2014

The Israeli government is funding a project designed to further displace Palestinians in Hebron.

Italian culture minister criticized for visiting Hebron settlers

Settlers in Hebron are particularly notorious for their aggression, racism and theft of Palestinian homes.

Gaza rejoices in prisoner release but 5,000 Palestinians remain in Israeli jails

Joe Catron
Gaza City
21 August 2013

Some of those released were nearing the end of their sentences.

Harrowing video shows Israeli soldiers arresting Hebron children

Boy wails with fright as he is dragged away by heavily armed soldiers.

Video: After taking son, Israeli occupation forces humiliate, arrest mother who challenges them

Obviously distraught, al-Shalaldeh stands up, with the chair attached to her and shouts at the soldiers, “Get away from me, I want to go to my house,” and begins to cry.

Video: Israeli occupation forces violently evict Palestinians from Hebron house

Video shows Israeli occupation forces violently evicting Palestinians from a house in Hebron last Saturday.

Palestinian Preventive Security arrest Youth Against Settlements spokesperson

Palestinian Preventive Security forces arrested youth activist Mohammad Zughayar in Hebron last Tuesday, 28 February. Zughayar is the spokesperson of the Hebron-based Youth Against Settlements activist group.

The daily ordeal of getting to school in Hebron

Ben Lorber
16 December 2011
Palestinian schoolchildren and their teachers face violent settler attacks and Israeli army movement restrictions in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

Settler violence rises in West Bank; more expected before UN vote

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
20 September 2011
Amid reports that the Israeli military is arming and training Israeli settlers in advance of a United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood later this week, Palestinian activists in the West Bank have organized emergency response teams to document Israeli settler attacks and prevent more from taking place.
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