Yair Lapid

Illinois law would force state to boycott companies accused of boycotting Israel

New attempts to repress boycott, divestment and sanctions movement with legislation civil rights defenders say is unconstitutional.

How The Guardian told me to steer clear of Palestine

“Progressive” newspaper gives a platform to Israel’s racists. 

Growing boycott will “hit each of us in the pocket” warns Israel finance minister

Israeli finance minister Yair Lapid has become the latest senior official to warn about the serious impact of growing boycott, divestment and sanctions BDS campaigns targeting Israel.

Israeli "social justice" movement ignores racism

Patrick O. Strickland
30 May 2013
Protesters march down a highway carrying banners and signs

J14 is back on the streets — and still refusing to campaign against abuses of Palestinian rights.

Meet Israel's new government: a justice minister against law, a housing minister who led settlers

With details of Israel’s new coalition government finalized, a look at some of the ministers in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cabinet.

On the latest raw Arab-hatred of Israel’s “centrist” political star Yair Lapid

Don’t think this is raw bigotry? Just switch it around: imagine the reaction if any politician from any “democracy” declared that there were too many Jews.

Why Obama won't take on Israel

Jonathan Cook
15 November 2012

Thinking that the US president will alter his Middle East policy is fanciful.

Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other: Israel's elections are a sham

It was recently announced that new Israeli elections will take place in 2013. But on the issues that matter, there are no real differences between the Zionist parties.
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