Who Profits

How Israel uses Caterpillar machinery to carry out extrajudicial executions

New report details use of Caterpillar, Volvo, Hidromek, Hitachi, Hyundai and JCB equipment in a host of Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

Luxembourg pension fund dumps 9 Israeli firms over settlements

Luxembourg fund’s announcement came as German chancellor Angela Merkel pledged to oppose “boycotts” targeting Israeli settlements.

Dutch pension giant divests from Israeli banks

PGGM cites the unethical business practises of five banks, who all invest in Israeli settlements “considered illegal under international humanitarian law.”

Former envoy George Mitchell shills for Israeli occupation profiteer SodaStream

Why is former US peace envoy George Mitchell promoting SodaStream which is based in an illegal Israeli settlement and abuses Palestinian rights?

Veolia, feeling pressure, launches attack on Israel boycott movement

Veolia says it has sold its Israeli bus lines, but the company is still profiting from Israeli violations of Palestinian rights.

Diamond magnate's firm admits ongoing work in Israeli settlement

Letter proves that Africa Israel is continuing its activities in East Jerusalem.

Israeli firm lying to Norway that it no longer builds settlements on Palestinian land

Norway’s finance ministry has revoked the exclusion of Africa Israel from the state pension fund based on the company’s claim it is no longer involved in settlement construction. Evidence reveals that this is untrue.

Israeli apartheid and the tears of Juliette Binoche

Oscar-winning French actress, who previously spoke out for Palestinian rights, rapped for promoting cosmetics in Tel Aviv.

SodaStream "treats us like slaves," says Palestinian factory worker

Stephanie Westbrook
9 May 2013

An employee describes the claims on a promotional video by the fizzy drink firm as “lies.”

G4S feels the heat of international boycott campaign

G4S is in no rush to end all its contracts in the West Bank and will continue to maintain security equipment in prisons inside Israel.


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