Palestine activists make unscheduled splash at Israel's Paris water party

French activists crashed a water summit yesterday and urged stunned delegates not to cooperate with the Israeli water company Mekorot that pillages Palestinian water sources.

Gaza farmers urge Neil Young not to play Tel Aviv

Canadian rock star has a long history of defending agricultural workers in North America.

Diseases rise among besieged Palestinians in Syria

Mutawalli Abou Nasser
3 April 2014

Classrooms have had to close in Yarmouk camp because of contagious illnesses.

Israel-backed "solution" could worsen Gaza's water crisis

Desalination could help Israel to continue evading its obligations under international law.

Silicon Valley accord recycles myth of Israel's green record

Charlotte Silver
7 March 2014

Benjamin Netanyahu omitted any reference to theft of Palestinian water resources during his visit to a parched California.

Israel's water apartheid embraced by Italy

Stephanie Westbrook
21 February 2014

A cooperation agreement involving a firm that deprives Palestinians of water was signed recently in Rome.

How “historic” Israel-Jordan water deal leaves Palestinians high and dry

Clemens Messerschmid and
Muna Dajani
4 February 2014

Palestinians and Jordanians may end up buying back water from Israel, that should rightfully be theirs, at grossly inflated prices.

Last Palestinian family vows to remain as Israel gentrifies historic Haifa neighborhood

Patrick O. Strickland
3 January 2014

The Abbas family has lived in Haifa’s Wadi al-Siyah for more than 100 years.

Storm exacerbates sewage crisis in Gaza

Gaza Strip
20 December 2013

Health and environmental fears rise as authorities face numerous problems at once.

#IDFWithoutBorders: Israel's bluewashing campaign in Philippines

Israel wasted no time to exploit the catastrophe in the Philippines.


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