Wadi Hilweh

Israeli forces destroy "the only place for children in Silwan"

Josie Shields-Stromsness
East Jerusalem
15 February 2012
Israeli bulldozers demolished the only community center and refuge for Palestinian children in the Silwan neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem.

Video shows UK-manufactured JCB equipment destroying Jerusalem playground

Under heavy police protection, Israel demolished a Palestinian community center and a children’s playground in occupied East Jerusalem on 13 February 2012.

Eviction stalled in East Jerusalem; family awaits new hearing

Nadia Walid Somrein
9 December 2011
The postponement of an Israeli eviction order in East Jerusalem has spared the Somrein family from being made homeless — for the time being.

Family of 12 faces eviction in East Jerusalem

Nadia Walid Somrein
23 November 2011
Despite living in his home for nearly fifty years, and despite the fact there are legal documents clearly stating that the land is owned by the Somrein family, Mohammed Somrein’s land has been declared absentee property and thus subject to confiscation.
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