Uri Rosenthal

Americans give $274 million to aid Israeli settlements - new report

Christians United For Israel is among the key donors to Israel’s right-wing groups.

Group leaks EU report on Israeli settler violence suppressed by Dutch government

A European Union report on Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians, that was suppressed at the insistence of Dutch foreign minister Uri Rosenthal, has been published today by a nongovernmental group.

Dutch lawmaker incites Israel to build more colonies, violate international law

A Dutch lawmaker is calling on Israel to continue building Jewish-only colonies in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, including eastern Jerusalem, in violation of international law.

Dutch foreign minister Uri Rosenthal, who tried to stifle The Electronic Intifada, sponsors 'Internet freedom' conference

The Dutch Foreign Minister, Uri Rosenthal, who attempted to stifle The Electronic Intifada last year by pressuring one of its donors, and has directly threatened Dutch civil society for defying his pro-Israel policies, is now supposedly an advocate of “Internet freedom.”

"Sacred" 9/11 and the shock doctrine in Palestine

How Israel jumped on George Bush’s bandwagon.

Netherlands embraces Israel tighter, squeezing out human rights

Adri Nieuwhof
22 June 2011
Why is The Netherlands deepening its economic and political ties with Israel just when Israel is escalating its attacks on Palestinian rights and flouting international law with impunity? Adri Nieuwhof comments on the Dutch government’s lurch away from a commitment to human rights.

In whose name does Dutch FM Rosenthal speak?

Rifat Odeh Kassis
1 March 2011


Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal claims to oppose decisions taken by governments without balanced, negotiated political processes. But if this were really true, he would understand the need to bring Israeli officials and military officers responsible for such crimes to the International Criminal Court in The Hague instead of defending Israel’s actions in The Jerusalem Post.

Netherlands could be safe haven for war criminals: leaked memo

Adri Nieuwhof
8 February 2011


A leaked secret memorandum from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggests the government is seeking to ensure Israeli and other foreign officials who may be pursued for war crimes can visit the Netherlands without fear of arrest or legal accountability.

Democracy under threat over EI funding, Dutch groups say

24 January 2011


Foreign Minister of the Netherlands Uri Rosenthal has threatened to punish the Dutch foundation ICCO for its continued funding of The Electronic Intifada. However, ICCO is standing its ground and Dutch civil society organizations are condemning the minister’s tactics.

ICCO reaffirms support for EI after meeting Dutch minister

14 January 2011


The Netherlands-based foundation ICCO issued the following press release on 13 January 2011 reaffirming its support for The Electronic Intifada, after a meeting between ICCO and Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal. In November, Rosenthal had publicly criticized and promised to investigate ICCO’s support for The Electronic Intifada after NGO Monitor — an Israeli organization with close links to the Israeli government, military and the West Bank settler movement — published a series of false allegations against the publication, as The Electronic Intifada previously reported.


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