Upper Nazareth

US Christian Zionists plan to take over Palestinian university in Israel

Patrick O. Strickland
6 November 2013

Palestinians accuse Texas governor Rick Perry of jumping on an educational project in Nazareth to pursue a racist agenda.

Israeli army recruitment plan aims to incite Christian-Muslim tensions

Jonathan Cook
31 July 2013
Men carry banner reading Yaffa says no to racism and settlements in Arabic and Hebrew

Israel wants Palestinians “to be weak, separate religious communities” to divide and conquer, says Palestinian Christian activist.

Forbidden to celebrate: Israel's war on Christmas continues despite Netanyahu's claim of tolerance

A college removes a Christmas tree while Israel’s state-funded rabbis use their power to block Christmas celebrations at hotels and restaurants.

Israeli mayor: expel Palestinian citizens of “hostile” Nazareth to Gaza for opposing war

These repulsive statements are only the latest in a festival of incitement to violence and hatred by Israeli leaders against Palestinians

The Electronic Intifada Weekly Podcast - 14 June 2012

In this week’s podcast, an update on the case of hunger striking Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak; Israeli Knesset members incite racist attacks against African asylum-seerkers; and much more.

“Initiative in Upper Nazareth: $10,000 to every Arab family that leaves”

The chair of Yisrael Beiteinu in Upper Nazareth has called for a campaign to pay Palestinian citizens to leave the city.
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