Diseases rise among besieged Palestinians in Syria

Mutawalli Abou Nasser
3 April 2014

Classrooms have had to close in Yarmouk camp because of contagious illnesses.

Gaza refugees learn of food aid cuts by text messages

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
14 March 2014

The UN agency for Palestine refugees says it is trying to focus on the most needy.

Palestinian refugees from Syria war left to suffer by Jordan

Hanine Hassan
10 March 2014

Palestine refugees face a systematic witch-hunt as Jordanian authorities crack down on civilians fleeing a devastating war.

People of Yarmouk "have suffered enough," says UN

Chris Gunness of UNRWA says that some food and medical aid has been distributed inside the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, but more immediate aid is needed; students at San Diego State push for divestment; and Remi Kanazi’s poem dismantles myths about the BDS movement.

Is EU aid a smokescreen around Palestine's problems?

19 February 2014

Europe is paying for services that Israel is legally obliged to provide as the occupying power.

Syria rebels and regime share blame for Yarmouk catastrophe

Rebel and regime crimes against Palestinians in Syria detailed in latest edition of the Journal of Palestine Studies.

Gaza's class divisions confronted by young writers

Sarah Irving
11 February 2014
A story about seeking treatment for a toothache is one of the gems in “Gaza Writes Back.”

Aid reaches Palestinians in Yarmouk camp, but it's still only a trickle

Jonathan Rozen
3 February 2014

Thousands of people haven’t benefited from food deliveries made last week.

“There are many Yarmouks in Syria,” says UN official as humanitarian crisis spreads

UN official talks about the current obstacles to delivering food aid to Palestinian refugees in Syria; and an interview with the authors of The Gaza Kitchen.

“Don’t forget us here”: Photos reveal devastation in Syria’s Yarmouk camp

These images provide an all too rare glimpse of the people living in the camp amid horrifying circumstances


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