UN urged to recognize cultural significance of Palestine posters

Dan Walsh has collected Palestine-themed posters by nearly 2,000 artists.

UNESCO to consider Palestinian village's fate

Landscape view of terraced land and stone houses
World Heritage Recognition may be last line of defense for West Bank village threatened with destruction by Israel’s wall.

Israel serves eviction orders to Palestinians in world heritage city

Patrick O. Strickland
18 March 2014

State-owned companies are trying to Judaize the old city of Akka.

Ancient Palestinian village given "at risk" recognition

Battir's historic terraced landscape
World Monuments Fund highlights threat to Battir’s historic landscape from Israeli military’s construction plans.

Israel's wall will destroy my birthplace, Battir

Hasan Abu Nimah
9 January 2013

A world heritage site is under threat from ongoing colonialism.

Four of five speakers pull out of UNESCO conference honoring Israel's Peres at University of Connecticut

A “human rights” conference honoring Shimon Peres at the University of Connecticut was in disarray after almost all the speakers pulled out.

Bahrain rights defender Maryam Al-Khawaja pulls out of UNESCO ceremony over honor to Israel's Peres

“Whilst I am honored that you chose my father, I am also utterly disappointed that you would honor him alongside a person who has been responsible for many human rights violations and should be put on trial.”

Palestinian-Dutch “Disarming Design” project inspired by artwork in captivity

Adri Nieuwhof
12 October 2012

The Electronic Intifada speaks to people involved in a project to export Palestinian handicrafts to Dutch buyers.

Even Israeli agency warns of wall's damage to Battir, historic West Bank village

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
1 October 2012
Historic village of Battir faces damage, an official Israeli body has warned.

How the 99 percent are cannon fodder for America's wars

Reflections on the Occupy movement in Ohio and America’s double standards in the Middle East.


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