Despite ceasefire, the number of displaced in Gaza is rising again

Meanwhile, the scale of the destruction to Gaza’s infrastructure and economy caused by 51 days of Israeli bombing is becoming starker.

Gaza youth defied “smell of death” to form popular band

Khaled Alashqar
Gaza City
12 March 2014

The Watar Band was formed following Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s murderous assault in late 2008 and early 2009.

"Come to sunny Gaza!" BBC tells listeners

Journalist Simon Cox seems blissfully unaware of how Israel has put 1.7 million people under siege.

Closure of tunnels deprives Gaza of $230 million per month, says government

Khaled Alashqar
Gaza City
13 January 2014
Thousands have been affected by the actions of Egypt’s military.

Thousands of Jerusalem children denied basic services by Israeli apartheid

Patrick O. Strickland
30 December 2013

Once they reach 16, sons and daughters need special permits to visit their parents, from a web of Israeli bureaucracy campaigners say is aimed at driving Palestinians out of Jerusalem.

Top-selling Irish paper keeps on groveling towards Israel

The Sunday Independent regularly publishes anti-Palestinian diatribes.

"This time they destroyed everything": Uprooted Bedouins face more evictions

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
Atir-Umm al-Hieran
24 May 2013

Israel will soon put a plan to forcibly displace up to 40,000 Palestinian Bedouins on its statute books.

SodaStream "treats us like slaves," says Palestinian factory worker

Stephanie Westbrook
9 May 2013

An employee describes the claims on a promotional video by the fizzy drink firm as “lies.”

Palestinians fleeing Syria bombed by Israel in Gaza

Gaza City
18 February 2013

Palestinians who fled violence in Syria were among those bombed by Israel for eight consecutive days in November.

How The New York Times erases Israel's crimes

Robert Ross
29 December 2012

Given the omissions in three recent Times articles, it’s no wonder so many Americans are in the dark when it comes to Israel.


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