UN says 300,000 Palestinians in mooted Israeli annexation area

New UN statistics render Israeli politician’s annexation plan impossible.

Amnesty: pattern of Israeli "war crimes" in West Bank

A new Amnesty International report finds that Israeli occupation forces killed more Palestinians in the West Bank in 2013 than during the previous two years combined.

Storm exacerbates sewage crisis in Gaza

Gaza Strip
20 December 2013

Health and environmental fears rise as authorities face numerous problems at once.

Stocks of vital medicines hit zero as Egypt, Israel tighten Gaza siege

Israel has also double its number of violent attacks on Gaza fisherman since November ceasefire, as siege deepens economic crisis.

Israel army publishes fake image of huge “Gaza shopping mall”

The Israeli army’s cynical propaganda is supposed to distract people from the fact that the vast majority of people in Gaza live in deep poverty due to Israel’s siege.

Israel razes home of 13-member family

Patrick O. Strickland
Beit Hanina
31 May 2013

Badwan al-Salaymeh has been told he will have to pay the bill for the demolition of his own house.

Remixed: the Israeli army infographic that claimed stone-throwing is “Palestinian terror”

A ludicrous Israeli army graphic on Palestinian “terror” included stone-throwing. A remixed version documents just how much real terror — by Israel — Palestinians face.

Israel's siege tips Gaza waste management to crisis point

Eva Bartlett
Gaza City
1 April 2013

Gaza municipality uses donkey carts to collect 350 tons of waste daily.

Gaza fishermen protest as Israel breaks pledge to stop attacks

Joe Catron
Gaza City
5 March 2013

Nine boats have been captured by Israel since the ceasefire agreement in November.

Jordan Valley families expelled from Israeli "firing zone" during Gaza attack remain uprooted

2 January 2013

It’s too dangerous to return, say Palestinians forced out of their homes.


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