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Bethlehem's 2002 siege recalled in new Freedom Theatre play

Board member of Jenin theater remains behind Israeli bars. 

UK denies visa to Palestinian theater director

Nabil al-Raee told that UK thinks he will remain in country for “extended periods.”

Palestinian writers denied UK visas

Cover image of Samah al-Sheikh's collection of short stories, 'Possible Form'
Two leading Palestinian writers from Gaza have been prevented from speaking at the Shubbak festival of contemporary Arab art in London.

School "buddies" raise awareness about Palestine in UK

Asa Winstanley
6 August 2012
During regular school exchange visits, youth from Palestine have the opportunity to educate and share their experiences with British youth in the West Bank and in the UK.

Court victory for Raed Salah deals blow to UK "anti-terror" policy

Asa Winstanley
9 April 2012

Palestinian activist Sheikh Raed Salah’s court victory in his deportation case has implications for both the UK government’s relationships with pro-Israel groups and its anti-terrorism legislation.

Raed Salah wins appeal against deportation from UK: upper tribunal rules Theresa May was "misled"

The news broke last night that Palestinian activist Sheikh Raed Salah had won his appeal against deportation from the UK in the Upper Tier (Immigration) Tribunal in London. My full story will be published on EI soon, including new revelations about the case, and its implications for the government’s Prevent “anti-terrorism” strategy. Meanwhile, here is the judge’s decision (a scan of the full document is forthcoming, but this extract is essentially the bottom line).

Raed Salah deportation case disintegrates in UK court, but verdict still to follow

Asa Winstanley
15 February 2012
The judge heading the panel assessing whether Palestinian civil rights leader Sheikh Raed Salah can be deported from the UK has cast serious doubt on the British government’s case. A final verdict is expected in the next two weeks.

Raed Salah granted permission to appeal UK deportation in higher court

Leading Palestinian activist Sheikh Raed Salah has been granted permission to appeal deportation from the UK on all six grounds submitted to the judge, his lawyers said today. After losing an initial appeal in the First Tier (Immigration) Tribunal at the end of last month, Salah lodged another appeal in a higher court. In a press release, Salah’s lawyer Tayab Ali said: Being granted permission to appeal on all grounds is highly significant. It is clear that the Home Secretary has repeatedly exercised poor judgment.

UK anti-Semitism charity CST still spreading Israeli disinformation about Raed Salah

Since last week’s First Tier Tribunal ruling against Raed Salah’s appeal against deportation from the UK, Zionist ideologues have been gloating. But in fact the judgment (now released online) clears Salah of the central government accusation against him: that he wrote an anti-Semitic poem containing the line: “You Jews are criminal bombers of mosques”. This “poem” was fabricated in the context of a long-standing Israeli campaign of attacks, detentions and disinformation against Salah. The following is my analysis of the judgment.

My appearance on al-Hiwar channel, explaining the Raed Salah case

Before this week’s decision by a British immigration court to refuse Sheikh Raed Salah’s appeal against deportation, I appeared on the Arabic satellite channel al-Hiwar. In conversation with Hanan Chehata (from MEMO), I give a general introduction and background to the case, for the channel’s English-language programme Jusoor (“Bridges”).


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