BBC intensifies its whitewashing of Israel

The Israeli government must be rubbing its hands in glee at BBC propaganda painting it as “humanitarian” despite so many ongoing crimes against Palestinians.

Obama's aid cut to Egypt is a sham

Far from actually withdrawing US support for the Egyptian military dictatorship, the measures announced by the Obama administration are designed to reinforce and normalize US cooperation with the coup regime.

Gaza's only exit to outside world is closed — again

Why do we have to suffer for what is happening in neighboring countries?

Investigate Israel's killing of US teen, rights group tells Obama

Barack Obama has maintained silence over Israel’s 2009 killing of Furkan Doğan on the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara.

Was Israel's flotilla apology really a triumph for Turkey?

Murat Dagli
17 April 2013

Voices critical of the rapprochement have been silenced by the Turkish media.

Leaked documents show PA outsourced Palestinian land and rights to Turkish firm

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
19 September 2012
The Palestinian Authority is confiscating privately-owned agricultural land in the West Bank to build industrial parks.

Mavi Marmara indictments herald an end to Israeli impunity

Sarah Colborne
United Kingdom
31 May 2012
Turkey has indicted four Israeli commanders for their role in the killing of nine humanitarians aboard the Mavi Marmara aid ship two years ago.

Israel lobby's machinations on Iran probed in new book

Rod Such
21 February 2012
Trita Parsi’s A Single Roll of the Dice: Obama’s Diplomacy with Iran is an exhaustive account of what happened to Obama’s campaign pledge towards Iran, particularly after the Israeli government and its lobby in the United States challenged the very notion of diplomacy.

EU border agency shops around for Israeli warplanes

Frontex, the European Union’s border management agency, is considering the purchase of drones battle-tested in Gaza.


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