Defense promises to appeal guilty verdict against Rasmea Odeh

Palestinian American community leader faces prison time and deportation.

Rasmea Odeh takes the stand in her own defense

Odeh told her story to a federal jury but under strict instructions from the judge not to mention her history of torture by Israeli occupation authorities.

Feminist scholars to Obama: End prosecution of Palestinian survivor of sexual torture

24 October 2014

Rasmea Odeh’s story encompasses some of the most urgent feminist struggles of our times.

Video: Settlers cheer as Israeli soldiers attack disabled Palestinian child

The incident occurred in Hebron, whose Palestinian residents are relentlessly targeted by Israeli occupation army and settler violence.

Israel tortures prisoners captured in Gaza invasion

Joe Catron
Gaza City
17 September 2014

Two dozen Palestinians from Gaza remain in Israeli detention; captors have threatened to rape the men’s wives.

Palestinian American activist asks judge to drop charges based on “illegal” US investigation

The trial of Rasmea Yousef Odeh will begin on 4 November but the Palestinian American community leader hopes that the judge will dismiss the charges against her when he rules on key defense motions next month.

Is the BBC trying to shore up support for Israel's assault on Gaza?

Broadcaster floods its programs with Israeli spokespeople and Zionists presented as “impartial” analysts.

Court motion details Palestinian American Rasmea Odeh's torture by Israeli jailers

Among the motions to be heard is one asking the trial judge Paul D. Borman to recuse himself from the case, citing his substantial financial support for explicitly pro-Israel organizations.

US judge's pro-Israel activism challenged in Palestinian organizer's deportation trial

Judge Paul D. Borman has long history of supporting Israel, Rasmea Odeh’s attorneys argue.

Hunger strike over, but Israel prison torture continues

Palestinian rights group calls for UN investigation into torture and accountability at International Criminal Court.


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