Title VI of the Civil Rights Act

Palestinian students in Chicago punished by university after trying to register for "Birthright" trip

Meanwhile, the Zionist Hillel group was given a light slap on the wrist for violating the same administrative rule.

Legal groups warn universities against stifling Palestine activism

Legal groups caution administrators against heeding calls to censor or stifle expression criticizing the state of Israel or advocating for Palestinian human rights.

Jewish student receives death threats over Palestine solidarity work

Ryan Branagan
4 November 2013

Northeastern University comes under fire from leading Zionist groups determined to stifle debate.

Zionist group renews attacks on California professor

Professor David Klein is under attack once again for his public support of the boycott movement.

Prisoners see linked struggles in California, Palestine

Prison authorities in California and Israel are using similar tactics to try and break hunger strike protests inside jails, including force-feeding.

Victory for campus free speech as US Dept. of Education throws out “anti-Semitism” complaints

The US Department of Education has thrown out three separate legal claims filed by Zionist students against the University of California.

California lecturer caught on racist speech video threatens legal complaint after student campaign

A lecturer at UC Santa Cruz is bullying and threatening students involved in Palestine solidarity organizing.

US university lecturer's shocking hate speech against Arab, Muslim students condemned

Video shows anti-Palestinian campaigner smearing campus activists as anti-Semites with terror ties.

Podcast: Brooklyn College BDS event "a victory" for free speech, academic freedom and Palestine solidarity movement

Reporter Alex Kane talks about the failed attempt by Zionist groups and even “progressive” officials in New York City to censor a talk on BDS at Brooklyn College.

ACLU condemns “lawfare” targeting campus Palestine solidarity activism

A letter sent Monday to the Department of Education from the ACLU states that Israel-aligned groups’ complaints of discrimination because of Palestine activism “raises constitutional red flags that are significant and alarming.”


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