Tel Aviv University

Court stops Israeli university suspension of Palestinians for commemorating Nakba

Patrick O. Strickland
22 May 2014

Right-wing extremists “get a free pass” to intimidate Palestinian students.

Tel Aviv University bans Palestinian speaker

Patrick O. Strickland
9 April 2014

Muhammad Kanaaneh was prevented from speaking on Land Day after violent threats from right-wing groups.

BBC report on Israeli hi-tech bolsters case for boycott

A report this week by BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones is the latest version of the ‘Israel as hi-tech miracle’ story to appear in mainstream media.

Tel Aviv University accused of stealing name and logo of Palestinian think-tank Al-Shabaka

When Israel has already taken so much from Palestinians, perhaps, someone thought, “so what if we help ourselves to a name and logo as well?”

Despite threats, students to commemorate Nakba at Tel Aviv University

Patrick O. Strickland
Tel Aviv
10 May 2013

Counter-demonstrators attacked last year’s event marking the anniversary of the dispossession of Palestine

Tel Aviv University's role in settler-run archaeological dig "playing into hands of BDS," Israeli academics complain

Dozens of academics from Israel and abroad, worried about the threat of academic boycott, petition university over participation in archaeological dig in the Silwan neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem.

Palestinian Trail of Tears: strong reactions to Joy Harjo's refusal to boycott Israel

Meanwhile, it has become clear how invested extreme anti-Palestinian Israeli groups were in Harjo’s visit.


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