Egyptians launch boycott of Orange-owned Mobinil over complicity in Israeli crimes

France-based Orange is complicit in Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank and provided support to Israeli units that devastated Gaza last summer.

Are property speculators bankrolling European Friends of Israel?

An influential Zionist group had several wealthy entrepreneurs on its board last year.

Europe's border policy is designed to push refugees into the sea

It’s more apparent than ever that Europe has learned all the wrong lessons from the Holocaust.

With Israel's help, EU seeks new ways of being cruel to refugees

Israel’s arms industry has advised the EU on using drones to track people seeking aslylum. 

EU must cease "material support" for Israel's crimes, say leading trade unions

Activists from nineteen countries demand the suspension of a key EU agreement with Israel.

End "booming military trade" between EU and Israel, say Palestinian rights groups

Arms exports to Israel worth more than $9.5 billion were approved by EU governments between 2005 and 2009.

Palestinian artist John Halaka opens Barcelona exhibition

 Portraits of Denial & Desire(Hands of Time), 2013, 60, 96 x 91, 44 cm, Digital Print, Artist Proof
Show Portraits of Denial and Desire opens at Barcelona’s Tasneem Gallery.

Turkish court issues "historic" arrest warrants for Israeli army commanders

A tenth Turkish civilian has died after a four-year coma. He was shot in the head by Israeli commandos who raided the Mavi Marmara humanitarian aid boat in May 2010.

Activists force Catalan authorities to scrutinize academic collaboration with Israel

More than 350 academics and university staff in Catalonia support the academic boycott campaign.

Italy's new foreign minister Emma Bonino wants Israel in EU

Veteran politician regards war criminal Shimon Peres as her friend.


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