UC Davis passes divestment resolution, five other campaigns launched across US

A student activist at Northwestern University in Illinois talks about the challenges faced after the recent launch of their divestment campaign.

Los Angeles to threaten campus Palestine activists with "law enforcement"

A lawyer for families of victims of Israel’s attack on the Mavi Marmara aid boat to Gaza in 2010 tells us why the arrest warrants are “historic,” students at UCLA sign an ethics statement against paid propaganda trips and UC Santa Cruz passes divestment.

How Israel buys loyalty of US university administrators

Max Blumenthal
New York City
20 May 2014

University of South Florida provost taken on lavish Israel propaganda tour ahead of historic divestment push.

Palestinian arrested in Chicago because of her community activism, groups say

A pillar in Chicago’s Palestinian community faces jail time and deportation over a conviction by an Israeli military court more than four decades ago.

California students unite against "common enemy" Janet Napolitano

An organizer with Students for Justice in Palestine - West says that the appointment of Janet Napolitano as chief of the University of California system will be met with strengthened support and solidarity between activist groups.

Palestine activism on campus and beyond: overcoming Israel's efforts to erase history

As campus activists in the US work to build a sustainable movement following the Second National Conference of Students for Justice in Palestine, it’s more important than ever to internalize and build upon the lessons of past efforts.

Huge police force fails to stop students disrupting Israeli diplomat's speech at Scottish university

On Wednesday evening Edinburgh University’s Students For Justice in Palestine (SJP) manged to attend and disrupt a lecture by Daniel Taub, the Israeli ambassador to the UK. Taub was hosted by the university’s student politics society, and protected by what one activist told EI was the largest police presence anyone could remember.

Building bridges between struggles at upcoming student conference

Shirien Damra,
Sami Kishawi and
Danya Mustafa
20 October 2012

The second national Students for Justice in Palestine conference will connect, strategize, build and strengthen the student movement in the US.

Let's unite our struggles to challenge legacies of US and Israeli ethnic cleansing

Aman Aberra,
Shifa Alkhatib and
Gabriel Schivone
11 October 2012

Israel’s law against equating its foundation with ethnic cleansing mimics Arizona’s ban on Mexican studies.


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