Shireen Issawi

Solidarity helped me keep fighting, says released hunger striker Samer Issawi

Budour Youssef Hassan
1 January 2014

Prisoner’s sister and mother played critical role in hunger striker’s campaign for freedom.

"My family is living through hell:" Samer Issawi speaks from jail

Israel has subjected hunger striker’s parents and siblings to arrests and house demolitions.

The Month in Pictures: December 2012

4 January 2013

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

"Keep your head high:" a comrade's greeting to Samer Issawi

Act now to save our brave hunger striker’s life.

Israel "will never undermine our steadfastness": hunger strikers speak out from prison

Israel arrests sister of hunger striker as rights group warns of prisoners’ deteriorating health.

"My brother is dying": an urgent appeal from family of hunger striker Samer Issawi

Malaka Mohammed
Gaza City
17 December 2012

Shireen Issawi speaks of the shock of seeing her brother in court.

Palestinian protesters harassed, beaten by Abbas supporters in Jerusalem

Budour Youssef Hassan
7 November 2012

Counter-demonstrators outnumbered protesters renouncing Abbas’ comments over right of return.

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