Israel invades privacy of campaigner Frank Barat

French national had his email account searched by Israeli security officer on arrival in Tel Aviv.

Young Palestinian father dies after Israeli interrogation in G4S-equipped prison

Human rights defender Hassan Karajah under interrogation by same investigators responsible for Arafat Jaradat’s death in custody yesterday.

Israeli who revealed “medieval-style” torture of Palestinians faces virulent backlash

“Without exaggeration and without even a drop of melodrama for enhancing the effect: we arrived at a medieval-style torture facility.”

Revealed: BBC correspondent portrayed Palestinian collaborator as peace activist

Asa Winstanley
15 October 2012
How can we trust the media when it deliberately misrepresents Palestinian voices?

Winning the battle of empty stomachs: hunger striker Bilal Diab interviewed

Linah Alsaafin
Jenin area
14 September 2012
Bilal Diab on his 77-day hunger strike in protest of administrative detention in Israeli prison.

Cyberwar updates: Flame could have been weaponized; claim worm used to spy on Ehud Barak

It has emerged that Flame might also have been used for more robust attacks in addition to spying.

Palestine football star seriously ill from four-week hunger strike

Rami Almeghari
20 April 2012
Imprisoned by Israel, footballer Mahmoud Sarsak has never been tried for any recognizable offense, and his detention has been continuously renewed every six months. He is one of many prisoners depriving himself of food to demand liberty and justice.

Palestinian women testify about ill-treatment and torture during their arrest and interrogation

The Public Committee Against Torture (PCATI) submitted two group complaints to the Israeli authorities after 29 Palestinian women testified about their ill-treatment and torture by the Shabak and Israeli soldiers last year.

Interview: Palestinian rights defender banned from traveling tastes freedom in Geneva

Adri Nieuwhof
1 March 2012
For most of the past six years, Israel has forbidden prominent human rights defender Shawan Jabarin from leaving the occupied West Bank. On exception, he was allowed travel to Geneva this week.

Shabak tortures and ill-treats Palestinian detainees with impunity

The Public Committee against Torture in Israel (PCATI) reveals how Israel has evaded criminal investigations into all 701 complaints of torture and ill-treatment. Meanwhile the torture and ill-treatment of Palestinian detainees continues.


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