Settlers attack West Bank farmer twice a week

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
Asira al-Qibliya
17 May 2013

Even if Israel considers settlement outposts to be illegal, it is still facilitating their construction.

Jim Crow in Palestine: parallels between US and Israeli racism

Curtis Bell
21 February 2013

Boycotts helped end segregation in the American South. Hopefully they can achieve similar results for Palestinians.

Israel's viciousness against Bilin captured in "Five Broken Cameras" documentary

Asa Winstanley
30 October 2012
Emad Burnat’s house was declared a “closed military zone” by Israel — but that didn’t stop him from making a great film.

Podcast: This week in EI headlines - 26 April 2012

In our first podcast: Updates on the collective Palestinian hunger strikes in Israeli jails, stories of land confiscation and home evictions from around the West Bank, news from the BDS movement, and Ali Abunimah discusses three important videos we published this week.

Hebron woman goes on hunger strike over settler attacks

Mya Guarnieri
23 January 2012
Settler violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank has risen 40 percent since 2010, and 165 percent since 2009, according to the UN. Protesting a wave of settler attacks on her home and property, one elderly Palestinian woman in Hebron went on hunger strike.

Israeli settlers harass released prisoners, threaten them with death

Brendan Work
West Bank
1 December 2011
Israeli settlers have put prices on the heads of Palestinians who were freed as part of the recent prisoner swap.

Unmasking Gershom Gorenberg, historian and apologist for ethnic cleansing

Stephen Maher
1 December 2011
Zionism seeks to erase and rewrite history in order to avoid accepting its ugly colonial legacy.

Zionist tourists harass Palestinian residents in Hebron

If you’re beaten up, harassed, or verbally attacked for no reason, know that you’re in an area under Israeli colonial control. Indeed, one must find this irrational. Physics suggest that “to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.” This could apply to most life cases too. When you’re in the Occupied Palestinian Territories or Israel, however, you obviously “provoke” a reaction by simply being Palestinian.

Harvesting olives as a statement of resistance

Ben Lorber
24 October 2011
Palestinian olive farmers face violence from both the settlers and the Israeli military during the harvest season.


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