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Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike "until freedom or death"

Nour Joudah
11 December 2012

Palestinian political prisoners were put back on the agenda in 2012.

Podcast: deportation of Palestinian prisoners a war crime, says rights defender

Sahar Francis of Addameer warns current and former hunger strikers are not receiving urgently needed medical treatment in Israeli prison.

Israel denies hunger striker Ayman Sharawna medicine despite "serious deterioration" in health

The health of Palestinian prisoner Ayman Sharawna has seriously deteriorated after 88 days of hunger strike, according to rights groups.

Podcast: Indian boycott activist talks about “tremendous response” to Palestine solidarity call

An exclusive interview with Githa Hariharan of the Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, on the various initiatives across India which connect to the global BDS movement.

“Please mother, always pray for me”: Hassan Safadi still on hunger strike after Israel breaks deal

After Israel broke a deal to release him, Hassan Safadi went back on hunger strike. In Nablus, his mother and family anxiously wait for their son who has been back on hunger strike for 40 days.

Life of Akram Rikhawi, father of 8, in grave danger after 85 days of hunger strike

The life of Akram Rikhawi is in grave danger 85 days into his hunger strike, human rights groups warned today.

Palestinian who went 71 days without food restarts hunger strike after Israel breaches deal to free him

Hassan Safadi, who ended a 71 day hunger strike on 14 May, restarted his hunger strike today after Israel breached a deal to free him, the latest such blatant violation

"In the name of sporting solidarity": Top European athletes call for Israel to release Mahmoud Sarsak

Top European footballers, including Seville striker Frédéric Kanouté, call on Israel to free Mahmoud Sarsak as international concern mounts for the young Palestinian footballer’s life.

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