Richard Goldstone

Israel fails to show up at mandatory UN human rights review

Israel is the first state to skip the periodic meeting required of all UN member states.

EU chief polishes Palestinians' chains

The EU’s police support mission in Palestine is facilitating massive abuses of human rights.

Why are Palestinians paying for Germany's sins?

Susan Abulhawa
14 April 2012
While Palestinians continue to be robbed of their land, heritage and human rights to atone for Germany’s sins, Germany unreservedly supports Israel.

NGO Monitor used misleading translation to smear human rights defender

NGO Monitor unapologetically smeared leading Palestinian human rights defender using an incorrect translation.

"Educate through action": poet Remi Kanazi on triumphant UK tour

Asa Winstanley
26 December 2011
Poet and activist Remi Kanazi talks about his recent UK tour, the successes of the global boycott movement, and why artists must act beyond mere entertainment.

Freedom Rides in the 21st Century

The Palestinian Freedom Rides will highlight the apartheid laws of Israel which govern the Palestinians, the same laws that Judge Richard Goldstone so readily dismissed in his latest op-ed for the New York Times.

Answering Judge Goldstone's defense and denial of Israeli apartheid

Judge Richard Goldstone has written an op-ed in The New York Times denying Israeli apartheid as a “slander.” But Goldstone ignores key facts in order to make a shameless defense of Israel.

Tunnels prove vital in rebuilding Gaza mosques

Gaza City
17 October 2011
Israel is still restricting imports of material need to repair mosques bombed during Operation Cast Lead.

UK rewrites war crimes law at Israel's request

Richard Irvine
1 October 2011
Legal mechanisms developed after the end of the Second World War to more easily prosecute war criminals are now being taken off the books to preserve Israeli impunity from accountability.

Why the Palmer-Uribe report on Israel's flotilla attack is worthless

The Palmer report on Israel’s attack on the Mavi Marmara and the Gaza Freedom flotilla is hopelessly flawed and lacking in credibility.

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