Rafah crossing

Video: Constant drones over Gaza "is psychological warfare"

Activist and journalist Eva Bartlett talks about the impact of the Israel-Egypt siege on the economic, agricultural and humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Why is Gaza always Egypt's scapegoat?

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
17 December 2013

Unlike the Rafah crossing, other borders have been opened since the Cairo coup earlier this year.

Forging new links to boycott movement in Gaza

Joe Catron
Gaza City
13 December 2013

Corporate Watch’s research trip to Palestine aims to connect young activists in Gaza and those in the west.

Why should Gazans have to hide their identity in Egypt?

Sami Kishawi
2 December 2013

Whenever there’s turbulence in Cairo, you can be sure that Palestinians will be scapegoated.

Gaza man "kidnapped" by Israel in Sinai, says family

Joe Catron
Khan Younis
8 October 2013

Wael Abu Rida holds Egyptian nationality but crisis in Cairo means his abduction has gone largely unnoticed there.

Waiting in Gaza, where nothing makes sense

Yousef M. Aljamal
4 October 2013

I haven’t been able to see my relatives in the West Bank for 14 years.

Egypt attacks fishermen in Gaza's waters

Gaza Strip
4 October 2013

Egypt’s clamp-down on tunnels has brought some Palestinian businesses to a standstill.

Like a miracle, I've been allowed to study outside Gaza

Malaka Mohammed
United Kingdom
25 September 2013

Many other Palestinian students have lost their scholarships because Egypt denies them the right to travel.

“Only God knows” in Gaza, under cruel Israeli-Egyptian siege

Shahd Abusalama should be flying to Turkey for graduate studies, but she and 1.7 million other Palestinians remain trapped in Gaza as both Rafah crossing and Erez checkpoint remain closed.

Video report: Gaza is being strangled and its people are suffocating

The effective imprisonment of the entire population of Gaza comes amid near economic collapse.


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