Qalandiya checkpoint

Leading Israeli lawmaker "trying to start holy war" in East Jerusalem

Moshe Feiglin, deputy speaker of the Knesset, has compared himself to a raped woman after being denied access to al-Aqsa Mosque.

Nine Palestinians killed in protests across West Bank

An Israeli sniper killed Mohammad al-Araj on his seventeenth birthday.

Israel preparing for "industrial-scale" torture of Palestinian hunger strikers

Hunger strikers “are doing this for us, the Palestinian people,” says the son of a prisoner in an Israeli jail. Israel is planning to begin force-feeding hunger strikers.

Amnesty: pattern of Israeli "war crimes" in West Bank

A new Amnesty International report finds that Israeli occupation forces killed more Palestinians in the West Bank in 2013 than during the previous two years combined.

Israeli soldiers get "addicted to power" over Palestinians, says new book

Troops admit that they enjoy administering “punishment” at checkpoints.

Palestinians denied a voice in Canadian film set in West Bank

Jimmy Johnson
23 September 2013

Inch’allah focuses mainly on experiences of a young white doctor.

Brutality is “in my veins,” says former Israeli soldier

Israelis should accept that they are not victims, according to Breaking the Silence activist Noam Chayut.

Palestinian resolve to cross Israel's wall featured in new film

Sarah Irving
5 July 2013

Filmmaker Khaled Jarrar traces the often heroic attempts made to dodge Israeli soldiers.

Making history in Bab Al Shams

Abbas Sarsour
15 January 2013

Israeli forces hit activists with the butts of their rifles as we set up a Palestinian village on occupied land.

Exhibition review: when lemons have more freedom than humans

Sarah Irving
9 July 2012
An exhibition at Amman’s Darat al Funun explores varying responses to decades of conflict in the Middle East, in which the Palestinian people have often played an involuntary and tragic role.


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