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Watch Trailer: We Are Nabi Saleh, a new film capturing people's struggle, Mustafa Tamimi

Trailer for the upcoming documentary “We Are Nabi Saleh”- a portrait of a Palestinian village in resistance - is finally released.

Israel's interrogation of Islam Dar Ayyoub Tamimi, age 14: video reveals rights abuses

A year ago on January 23, 14-year-old Islam Dar Ayoub Tamimi was arrested at gunpoint after the Israeli army surrounded his house at around 1:30am. A few days before, on January 17, Islam’s house was one of many in the village of Nabi Saleh that were raided by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), where the soldiers then proceeded to take pictures of all males over the age of 12.

Despite video evidence, Israeli soldiers are never held accountable for their crimes

In every video you would see a brutal act by an Israeli soldier that requires accountability, but typically the act passes away at the end of the day without any of the soldiers being held accountable for their crimes

Palestinian artists strike Jerusalem's streets again with message for "occupiers and our people"


“There’s no voice greater than the voice of the intifada” (Image courtesy of the artist)

Tonight, Palestinian street artists struck again – as they had promised to do – this time in southern Jerusalem, or more specifically “in Talpiot, an Israeli commercial area, built on Palestinian land of Baqaa and Beit Safafa.”

Video: Israelis arrested in Nabi Saleh subjected to "Palestinian" treatment by occupation soldiers

A video and written account shows two Israelis, “Shai” and “Doron” being subjected to the kind of abuse by Israeli soldiers more usually reserved for Palestinians.

Can the Palestinians revolt?

Why hasn’t Israel’s murder of Mustafa Tamimi sparked mass unrest?

Video and testimony: Israeli soldiers' savagery at Mustafa Tamimi's funeral

Linah Alsaafin compiles documentation and witness testimony showing the brute force used by Israeli soldiers against protesters following Mustafa Tamimi’s funeral yesterday in Nabi Saleh, occupied West Bank.

Video: Israeli army violence follows funeral of Mustafa Tamimi, "martyr of popular resistance"

A ten-minute video released today by David Reeb shows moving scenes from yesterday’s funeral for Mustafa Tamimi and the Israeli army’s use of force against protesters following the funeral.

Video: Ola Tamimi reacts to shooting of her brother

Harrowing video shows Ola Tamimi reacting to the shooting of her brother Mustafa Tamimi yesterday in Nabi Saleh village.

No miracle yesterday in Nabi Saleh: Mustafa Tamimi murdered

Linah Alsaafin
10 December 2011
Linah Alsaafin witnessed the murder of Mustafa Tamimi at the hands of the Israeli army who had invaded Nabi Saleh village.


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