US isolated in latest UN vote on Palestine

But resolutions appear to have been watered down from earlier stronger versions.

Gaza refugees learn of food aid cuts by text messages

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
14 March 2014

The UN agency for Palestine refugees says it is trying to focus on the most needy.

How today's liberal Zionists echo apartheid South Africa's defenders

Rania Khalek
13 February 2014

Anti-BDS liberals have taken racism a step further than Reagan and Thatcher dared to go with South Africa.

“Profound civilian suffering” in Syria’s besieged Yarmouk camp

Women are dying in childbirth and children are suffering from malnutrition-related diseases as siege continues.

Under pressure, PLO tries to limit damage from Abbas attack on Israel boycott

Today’s statement should be seen as a sign that the PA understands that it cannot impose its unpopular views on Palestinian civil society.

Dutch encourage business with firm stealing Palestinian water

Mekorot provides water to illegal settlers in the occupied West Bank.

"Shooting Revolution" film brings to life PLO's heyday in Lebanon

Forthcoming documentary aims to provide an audiovisual testimony of the Palestinian liberation struggle to younger generations.

1970s film of Palestinian struggle in Lebanon restored

Maureen Clare Murphy
17 November 2013

Emily Jacir and Monica Maurer create homage to victims of massacre in Tel al-Zaatar refugee camp.

What future for the Palestinian movement? Two debates

Watch as Bill Quandt, Ali Abunimah, Osamah Khalil and Manal Jamal address the past, present and future directions of the Palestinian national movement and the “peace process” at the Palestine Center.

Mischa Hiller brings Palestinian heroes alive in stylish spy thriller

Selma Dabbagh
17 September 2013

Shake Off traces an undercover PLO operative during the first intifada.


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