The phony pluralism of Israel's universities

Yara Sa'di
17 March 2014

Palestinian students are being exploited as part of a bid to improve Israel’s international image.

My new book “The Battle for Justice in Palestine”

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my new book, The Battle for Justice in Palestine. It has been called “a crucial book at a crucial time.”

Pinkwashing the animal kingdom: Israeli penguins, Nigerian house cats, Africans and Arabs

Arabs and Africans do not deserve western concern presenting zoo animals and pets as models for their sex lives and personal freedoms.

Eight questions Palestinian queers are tired of hearing

Ghaith Hilal
27 November 2013

We’ve had enough of lazy journalism and stereotypes.

Limited solidarity with Palestine in Schulman's "Queer International"

Jack Irmas
31 July 2013

“Israel and Pinkwashing” author’s new book is an interesting read, but falls into some of the traps it ostensibly aims to criticize.

Pinkwash, Greenwash, Hogwash: Ali Abunimah on Israel’s use of sex and marketing to distract from apartheid

Israel is attempting to counter the Palestinian rights movement by targeting its messages at progressive communities, especially LGBTQ people.

Israel one of world's most unpopular countries and it's getting worse: BBC survey

The US is now the only Western country that holds favorable views of Israel and in some European countries, including Germany, positive views of Israel are in the single digits.

Pro-BDS Columbia prof's gathering with anti-BDS J Street and Zionist LGBT groups stirs controversy

Why is a Columbia professor who supports BDS joining forces with Zionist groups that oppose Palestinian rights?

War sporno: How the Israeli army uses sex and Instagram to sell its racism and violence

“I like dead Palestinian ppl” says Israeli officer between photos of himself in suggestive poses.

"Cool" Tel Aviv proudly boasts of citizens' role in brutal Israeli occupation army

Tel Aviv sells itself as a “cool” to counter international boycotts, but boasts of its role in occupation army at home.


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