Palestinian prisoners ready for mass hunger strike

Joe Catron
Gaza City
22 April 2014

All parties must step up efforts to release prisoners, says Palestinian jailed by Israel for 27 years.

Muataz Washaha: Murdered by Israel as "peace" talks continue

Remember Edward Said’s message: more negotiations lead to more concessions.

Palestinian lawyer faces Israeli jail for "organizing demonstrations"

Patrick O. Strickland
31 October 2013

Anas Barghouthi is well known for his defense of Palestinian prisoners. Israel wants to jail him.

Stop the obsession with what Palestinian women activists are wearing

The obsession both religious and secular parties have with what female activists wear is demeaning and perpetuates the treatment of women as objects rather than actors.

Israel charges Stop the Wall activist with supporting prisoners

Patrick O. Strickland
5 June 2013

Hassan Karajah is on trial for organizing protests urging the release of fellow Palestinians.

Amnesty calls on Israel to release Palestinian academic jailed "to deter left-wing activists"

“Prisoner of conscience” Ahmad Qatamesh has been held for two years without charge or trial.

Yarmouk activist describes "atrocious" state of war-torn camp in Syria

Moe Ali Nayel
26 February 2013

Camp committee activist Mutawalli Abou Nasser forced to flee to Beirut.

How hunger strikers "tied the hands of the occupation": a view from Israeli prison

Ameer Makhoul
Gilboa Prison
9 June 2012
Palestinian political prisoner Ameer Makhoul provides an insider’s take on the historic mass hunger strike in Israeli prisons.

Bio shows why Leila Khaled remains an icon of resistance

Asa Winstanley
23 May 2012
Leila Khaled, an icon of the Palestinian resistance struggle, is the subject of a recommended new biography.

Four brothers jailed by Israel for prisoner solidarity activism

Asa Winstanley
Kufr Aqab
6 May 2012
“You have three already, leave this one!” pleaded Samira Halabi when Israeli soldiers raided her West Bank home and arrested her remaining free son.


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