Palestinian Christians

Israel jails Druze conscientious objector for the sixth time

“I will refuse to serve in the army even if I’m jailed sixty times,” says 18-year-old Omar Saad.

Palestinians must resist Israel's efforts to foment sectarianism

Nadim Nashif
26 March 2014

Recent attempts to annex Palestinian Christians as fictional “Israeli Christians” draw on a long history.

Palestinians in Israel reject "colonial, sectarian" law

Israel’s new law denying Palestinian Christians’ Arab identity reminiscent of “apartheid regime in South Africa,” say Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Palestinian Christians “not really Arabs,” says senior Israeli lawmaker

Netanyahu ally’s proposal for Palestinians resembles South Africa’s separation of “Coloreds” and “Indians.”

Israeli army recruitment plan aims to incite Christian-Muslim tensions

Jonathan Cook
31 July 2013

Israel wants Palestinians “to be weak, separate religious communities” to divide and conquer, says Palestinian Christian activist.

New book recounts living faith of Palestinian Christians

Sarah Irving
28 June 2013

Samuel Kuruvilla looks at the theology and history of Palestinian Christianity.

Vandalism of Christian sites in Palestine inspires London art show

Sarah Irving
18 April 2013

Artists show that Christian communities share a “culture, not just a faith.”

Podcast: Alaa Tartir on building a sustainable Palestinian "resistance economy"

On this week’s podcast, Alaa Tartir of al-Shabaka discusses the role of international donors in the de-development of the Palestinian economy, and what is needed to build Palestinian economic self-sustainability.

Israeli settlers increase their attacks on Palestinian Christian sites

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
11 October 2012

As part of the wider pattern of of “price tag” violence and arson, Israeli settlers have been attacking Palestinian churches and monasteries.

Urgent appeals to support upcoming US church divestment initiatives

The United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church (USA) will soon vote on major divestment initiatives. Palestinians are signing an open letter to voting delegates, asking them to support divestment from Caterpillar, Motorola and HP.


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