Palestine Papers

Sex, blackmail and theft: leaks detail Israeli spy operations

Documents obtained by Al Jazeera confirm previous revelations of Palestinian Authority’s work to foil the Goldstone report at the UN.

Palestinian Authority foils new Gaza war crimes probe

The Palestinian Authority’s foreign minister prevented the International Criminal Court from going forward with a requested prosecution of Israel.

PA pressure censors criticism of Gaza water management

Charlotte Silver
24 March 2014

A paper arguing that desalination would “legitimize” Israel’s theft of Palestine’s natural resources has been mysteriously deleted.

There’s nothing new in Mahmoud Abbas’ and the PLO’s renunciation of Palestinian refugee rights

Abbas’ words demonstrably represent long-standing Palestinian Authority and PLO policy of giving up refugee rights.

"After Zionism" puts forth debates on one-state solution

Sarah Irving
14 August 2012
After Zionism: One State for Israel and Palestine is a significant contribution to the literature on the one-state/two-state debate.

Water desalination projects to solve Gaza’s problems: a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

8 June 2012
Controversy over a desalination plant in Gaza highlights the role of aid agencies in subsidizing the occupation and letting Israel off the hook for destroying Palestinian infrastructure.

Rehearsal for mass expulsion of Palestinian citizens? Israel's deportation of South Sudanese

Israel has announced it plans to deport thousands of refugees from South Sudan. The reasoning behind the move suggests it could be a rehearsal for the expulsion of Palestinian citizens of Israel if an independent Palestinian state is ever established.

Former Obama envoy George Mitchell comes out as 'Israel's lawyer'

While he held the job of President Barack Obama’s peace process envoy, former US Senator George Mitchell generally maintained a good reputation. He came into the job with high regard because of his role in Northern Ireland.

During his Middle East tenure, Mitchell was notoriously tight-lipped, allowing people to believe that behind the stony face was a tough and fair “honest broker” who would privately take Israel to task in ways that the US could not do publicly.

UK TV regulator rejects Saeb Erekat complaint of unfair coverage of Palestine Papers

The UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom has rejected a formal complaint by PLO “chief negotiator” Saeb Erekat that Al Jazeera English had treated him unfairly in its programs on the Palestine Papers, broadcast over four consecutive nights from 23-26 January.

Palestinian officials who decry Gilo colony in public, offered it to Israel in negotiations

Palestinian officials in Ramallah have condemned Israel’s recently announced decision to expand by 1,100 Jewish-only housing units the illegal settlement of Gilo built on land stolen from the occupied West Bank villages of Beit Jala, Beit Safafa and Sharafat.

But what they say in public is at odds with their private willingless to hand the settlement over to Israel in its entirety.

Condemnation from “chief negotiator”

A 27 September press release states:


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