Operation Cast Lead

Beautiful normality of Gaza's people shines in new book

Sarah Irving
23 July 2013

Louisa Waugh isn’t afraid to demolish stereotypes about Palestine or to criticize “do-gooders” from the West.

Cruelty of Israel's Cast Lead assault captured by new documentary

Daryl Meador
6 June 2013
Boy leans against fence with destroyed homes in background

Where Should the Birds Fly features ten-year-old’s chilling observation that Palestinian victims “mean nothing” to Israel.

France follows Israel's script

Contact between Toulouse and Israel is likely to increase, now that one of Europe’s top weapons-makers is setting up shop in the French city.

Apologists for Israel take top posts at BBC

Amena Saleem
23 April 2013

James Harding, holder of the “most important” editorial job in Britain, has a history of supporting Zionism.

Risking their lives to save lives: Gaza's first responders

Joe Catron
Gaza City
16 April 2013
Firefighters aim hose at building billowing with smoke

Promises of aid to civil defense services have not been kept.

A punchy and provocative "guide book" to Gaza

David Cronin
15 April 2013

Veteran Irish author Dervla Murphy believes Israel is allergic to talking honestly about justice.

Hundreds of Gaza children blocked from visiting parents in prison

Joe Catron
Gaza City
9 April 2013

Almost a year after winning concessions from Israel, prisoners are still not allowed to see their offspring.

Women "carry all" of Palestine's suffering

Eva Bartlett
Gaza Strip
8 March 2013

Israel’s siege is a contributory factor in one fifth of maternal deaths in Gaza.

"Gangnam Style" parody puts spotlight on Gaza siege

Eva Bartlett
Gaza City
18 February 2013

A version of the chart-topping song highlights unemployment among Palestinian youth.


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