Omar Barghouti

French warning over business with settlements may have broader impact on Israeli economy

New guidance warns that firms doing business with Israeli settlements could face legal action and “reputational risks.”

Northeastern rallies against censorship, racism

Northeastern University, the first in the United States to ban a campus Palestine solidarity group, welcomed a delegation of Israeli lawmakers from racist parties.

US students resist repression of Palestine solidarity on campus

University of Michigan students engage in a sit-in after the student government tables a divestment vote “indefinitely”; Max Geller of Northeastern SJP talks about repression of student activism by the administration and right-wing groups; and a report from Gaza during Israeli Apartheid Week.

Palestine activists, labor and environment groups in US unite against Veolia

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
4 March 2014

Palestine solidarity activists have forged a growing coalition with environmental and labor groups to organize against Veolia.

My new book “The Battle for Justice in Palestine”

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my new book, The Battle for Justice in Palestine. It has been called “a crucial book at a crucial time.”

NY Times’ Roger Cohen “is a bigot, not a liberal,” says Omar Barghouti

Cohen’s column comes amid a sudden spate of high-level panic about the BDS movement.

“Significant escalation” in boycott campaign by Israel’s “best friend” Germany

“Germany will set an example for the rest of the world,” Israeli foreign ministry warns.

Backlash against boycotting Israel's universities reeks of hypocrisy

David Letwin
New York
17 January 2014

Supporters of Israeli apartheid feign concern for the oppressed.

Israel boycott growing “much faster” than South Africa campaign, says Omar Barghouti

“Israel is very aware and so are we about the growth of BDS on US campuses,” says Omar Barghouti.

In South Africa, Abbas opposes boycott of Israel

Abbas has made his clearest statement in opposition to BDS and South Africa rabbi who spoke at Mandela memorial lived in an Israeli settlement.


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