Olympia Food Co-Op

Are climate change deniers funding attack on Palestine activism?

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
26 March 2015

Charles and David Koch may be bankrolling a backlash against efforts to boycott Israel.

Washington supreme court hears arguments on Olympia co-op's boycott of Israeli goods

Two courts have already ruled the lawsuit against the co-op is frivolous; now the Washington state supreme court will weigh in.

Olympia Co-op lawfare case backfires as court fines anti-boycott plaintiffs

Plaintiffs required to pay $160,000 in statutory damages over frivolous lawsuit targeting first US grocery store to formally boycott Israeli goods.

BDS roundup: The victories of 2012

In this latest roundup of news from the global boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, we take a look back at a year full of victories.

The Electronic Intifada weekly podcast featuring Alice Bach on Christian Zionist conference

What goes on behind the doors at the Christians United for Israel conference? Our blogger Alice Bach talks about how the Christian Zionist movement cheers for Israel and pressures politicians; and more.

Anti-boycott group forced to pay $160,000 in damages to Olympia Food Co-op board members

In a legal victory, a judge rules that a group of anti-Palestinian, anti-boycott plaintiffs must pay $160,000 in damages stemming from their lawsuit against the Olympia Food Co-op for its decision to de-shelve Israeli products.

BDS roundup: Brooklyn's Park Slope Food Co-op's BDS initiative gains support

In this week’s roundup of news from the global BDS movement, Palestinian campaigners urge writers not to participate in the upcoming International Writers’ Festival in Jerusalem; Brooklyn’s Park Slope Food Co-op’s BDS initiative gets a boost of support from Israeli boycott activists; and more.

Judge throws out Israel-backed lawsuit against Olympia Food Co-op, upholds right to boycott

In a major setback for Israeli efforts to suppress the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement in the United States, a judge in Olympia, Washington today dismissed a lawsuit designed to force the Olympia Food Co-op to rescind its boycott of Israeli goods.

BDS roundup: From Vancouver to Ramallah, no love for Israeli apartheid

A regular roundup of news from the global boycott, divestment and sanctions movement: BDS motion passes at a Canadian university; the Olympia Food Co-op, heading to court, rallies supporters; Palestinian youth urge France to stop selling weaponry to the Israeli military, and more.

We will not be intimidated: Video with Cindy Corrie backs Olympia Food Co-op fight against anti-boycott lawsuit

Cindy Corrie is among several people appearing in a short video calling for solidarity with the Olympia Food Co-op in Olympia, Washington and condemning a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Co-op’s boycott of Israeli goods.


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