Ofer prison

Eyewitness debunks Israeli journalist’s claim Palestinians nearly “lynched” him

An Israeli eyewitness contradicts the dramatic account of an Israeli reporter that he was “seconds away from being beaten to death by a mob of Palestinian masked men” during a demonstration in the West Bank on Friday. Two Palestinian teenagers were killed by Israeli forces at the same spot the day before.

Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners punished by Israel

Crowd hold candles in tent covered with posters of political prisoners
Israel isolates hunger strikers, imposes solitary confinement and denies salts, putting lives of prisoners in jeopardy.

Israeli soldiers force nine-year-old to act as human shield

Some 236 Palestinian children were held in Israeli detention during February — a considerable increase from previous months.

Fighting for freedom: eight Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike right now

The eight prisoners are on hunger strike, most fighting the policy of administrative detention.

Half Israel's Palestinian child prisoners are held illegally outside West Bank in G4S-equipped prisons

Defence for Children - Palestine Section reports that half of Palestinian child detainees are unlawfully held in prisons inside Israel.

Bilal Diab and Woroud Qasem released as hunger strikes for freedom go on

Bilal Diab is released from Israeli prison following 77 days of hunger strike; meanwhile Palestinian Authority forces arrest brother of hunger striking prisoner Hassan Safadi.

Palestine’s own Liberation Day is coming

Roqayah Chamseddine
Ft. Worth
23 July 2012
Despite Israel’s ruthless violations of their basic human rights and the theft of their land, Palestinians continue to remain steadfast in their uncompromising struggle against occupation.

Security firm G4S provides services to Israeli prisons, police and army

G4S has been severely criticized for its operations in the occupied Palestinian territories and in prisons and detention centers in Israel. Recently, Palestinian organizations called for action against G4S for its role in Israeli prisons.

Video: Palestinian woman "takes over" Israeli military vehicle at Ofer protest for hunger strikers

This video shows a Palestinian woman mounting an Israeli military vehicle amid protests near Ofer Prison in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on 1 May, in solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners. The video also shows Israeli occupation forces attacking female protestors with pepper spray directed into their eyes from close range as they lie on the ground.

8,000 West Bank children arrested since 2000, says new report

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
Beit Sahour
26 March 2012
A new report examines the impact of Israeli arrests and detention on Palestinian children living under Israeli occupation.


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