A tree-hugging "peace" film detached from Palestine's reality

Maureen Clare Murphy
17 April 2014

Funded by the EU, Under the Same Sun portrays boycotters of Israel as bullies.

Protesters disrupt Israeli-Palestinian “normalization” meeting in Ramallah

Minds of Peace has for several years staged “public negotiation” sessions between Israelis and Palestinians in different cities, which activists say threaten Palestinian rights.

National conference focuses on West Bank boycott efforts

Palestinian Authority faces backlash, as popular conference denounces normalization, and plans boycott expansion in West Bank.

Canadian students challenge Harper's support for Israeli apartheid

Charlotte Kates
7 March 2013

New alliance expresses solidarity with Idle No More movement of indigenous people.

Palestinians condemn EU for new conditions tying humanitarian aid to joint projects with “Jews and Arabs”

The EU betrays its Israel-centric perspective when it defines Palestinian refugees as the “problem” instead of Israel’s refusal to comply with international law.

WATCH: Remi Kanazi video debuts blistering new poem against the injustice of normalization

“I don’t wanna normalize with you… Did I hurt your feelings?” — so go two lines in Palestinian-American poet Remi Kanazi’s brilliant new spoken-word poem.

Palestine freedom battle "will be won": interview with author Miko Peled

Charlotte Silver
3 October 2012
A solution can be clinched within the coming decade, according to the son of an Israeli military chief.

Video: Gaza youth commend Mahmoud Sarsak on refusing Israel "normalization" at FC Barcelona match

Sarsak: “I announce my readiness to meet Barcelona or any other Spanish club outside of the context of a joint invitation with Gilad Shalit”

Palestinian groups back Mahmoud Sarsak, tell FC Barcelona to reject "complicity with Israeli crimes"

“FC Barcelona must reject any form of complicity with Israeli crimes by rescinding its official invitation to Gilad Shalit.”


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