Noam Chomsky

Chomsky and Pappe clash on "solutions" for Palestine in new book

Rod Such
20 April 2015

Noam Chomsky appears less hostile to the boycott of Israel than he was in his notorious 2014 article for The Nation.

Understanding why scholars get silenced for defending Palestinian rights

Marcy Newman
19 December 2014

Two new books provide valuable insight into why freedom of speech can be suppressed at American universities.

Jewish volunteers for racial supremacy in Palestine

Joseph Massad
4 August 2014

The Jewish fight for Zionism is the exact opposite of the Jewish fight against anti-Semitism.

Protesters force BBC to confront its pro-Israel bias

Thousands of protesters blocked BBC’s London headquarters, demanding that BBC report the reality in Gaza.

Secret files reveal Anti-Defamation League spied on Noam Chomsky

Newly-accessible documents were obatined during 1990s civil case against ADL snoops.

Israel interrogates, expels well-known South African academic Salim Vally, invited to lecture in Palestine

Israel continues to severely restrict academic and other contacts between Palestinians and the outside world while complaining that it is being unjustly targeted by academic and cultural boycott.

Linguists including Noam Chomsky condemn "reprehensible" Gaza coverage

“We wish to express our outrage at the reprehensible media coverage of these acts in the mainstream (corporate) media.”

Month in Pictures: October 2012

5 November 2012

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

Reflections on Noam Chomsky's visit to Gaza

To have the father of modern linguistics and one of the world’s most celebrated public intellectuals cross into Gaza is a success that deserves to be acknowledged.

Chomsky in Gaza: academic boycott “will strengthen support for Israel”

Rami Almeghari
Gaza City
20 October 2012

During visit to Gaza, Noam Chomsky says BDS may strengthen support for Israel, backs Abbas UN bid


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