New York Times

Israeli soldier becomes overnight hero for pointing loaded gun at Palestinian youths

Israeli extremism on display in support of soldier who cocked his gun at unarmed Palestinian youths.

NY Times’ Roger Cohen “is a bigot, not a liberal,” says Omar Barghouti

Cohen’s column comes amid a sudden spate of high-level panic about the BDS movement.

Watch the video on Israeli racism The New York Times didn't want you to see

Israel’s officially-incited racism against Africans and Palestinians is no secret. So why does it rarely make its way into mainstream media?

How NY Times helps Israel milk prisoner release for emotional propaganda

Going back to the creation of Israel, Palestinians have almost never seen the killers of their children receive appropriate punishment.

NY Times “correction” on Israeli settlements gets the facts wrong

A plain reading of the “correction” is that it is an effort to mislead readers into thinking the United States has never considered Israeli settlements to be illegal.

Blog linked to Israeli army calls for murder of Palestinian children

“He should have been shot and killed already,” Israeli army-linked blogger says of Palestinian child arrested four times.

Why is New York Times reporting on Israeli settlements so timid?

Is the resort to timid and euphemistic language a form of reflexive self-censorship to avoid the wrath of the anti-Palestinian lobby?

The screenshots prove it: New York Times altered headline to remove words “Israeli-occupied”

A New York Times headline accidentally told the truth, before it was “corrected” to remove the words Israeli-occupied.


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