New York City

How US students are bringing the Israeli occupation home

Nora Barrows-Friedman
28 October 2014

The same firm which equipped Israel’s wall in the West Bank is profiting from deportations in Barack Obama’s America.

Infographic: contrasting New York after 9/11 and Gaza

Infographic by Visualizing Palestine reflects on the shared experiences of grief of Americans and Palestinians in Gaza, while contrasting the stages of healing and recovery.

NYC's top cop defends racist policing at Israel "security" conference

Israeli and New York Police Department commissioners meet to “learn from each other” and “strengthen partnership,” says Bill Bratton.

LAPD goes to Israel, falls in love with drones and mass surveillance

The LAPD’s highest ranking officers traveled to Israel this month for lessons in domination and repression.

New York students slam CUNY collaboration with Israeli academia

Student activists to CUNY chancellor: “you do not speak for us” in condemning the American Studies Association’s boycott of Israeli institutions.

What would Israeli occupation look like in Central Park?

A new infographic by Visualizing Palestine dramatically depicts the destruction of New York City’s most famous public space.

New York tech university evasive about Israeli partner's role in arms industry

Terri Ginsberg
New York City
9 September 2013

Cornell NYC Tech will not address questions about Haifa institute which develops technology used by Israeli army against Palestinian civilians.

Podcast: Brooklyn College BDS event "a victory" for free speech, academic freedom and Palestine solidarity movement

Reporter Alex Kane talks about the failed attempt by Zionist groups and even “progressive” officials in New York City to censor a talk on BDS at Brooklyn College.

Why is a New York hospital being sacrificed for an Israel-backed science facility?

Terri Ginsberg
26 October 2012

Plans for massive science campus linking an Israeli and American university in New York City moving forward, despite opposition.


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