Israel excluded from war games in Italy following protests

Stephanie Westbrook
20 October 2014

Activists have broken into the Sardinia firing range where military drills are taking place.

Scottish independence could be positive for Palestine

Military equipment made in Fife has been used during Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Turkey's fickle support for Palestinian struggle

Rather than imposing tough sanctions, the Erdogan government has allowed trade with Israel to increase.

How Amnesty has let down Bradley Manning

There is nothing complex about Bradley Manning’s case, so why is the world’s best known human rights group not demanding his release?

EU sponsored Israeli weapons fair on eve of Gaza attacks

It is shocking that Europe’s support for a Tel Aviv arms fair, held just before Israel’s latest assault on Gaza, has gone unnoticed by the media.

German aid to Israel's war machine is an invitation to abuse human rights

Annette Groth
25 May 2012

The EU has been eager to nurture both its relationship with Israel and the international market in “security goods.”

NATO mulls marriage with Israel

Cable released by WikiLeaks hints that Israel wants to take part in NATO’s future wars.

How Greece abandoned Palestine

David Cronin
13 July 2011
No doubt, Greece’s refusal to allow the Freedom Flotilla II to set sail for Gaza was partly the result of pressure — and possibly even financial blackmail — from the US and Israel. Nonetheless, it was not an isolated occurrence but the logical consequence of a process that was already underway. David Cronin analyzes for The Electronic Intifada.
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