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Hamas says videos reveal PA collaborators who helped Israel kill resistance fighters

Videos of purported confessions come amid steady deterioration in relations between Hamas and Palestinian Authority.

Another stillborn Palestinian “reconciliation”

Why the Hamas-Fatah deal signed in Gaza today will not produce the national unity Palestinians crave.

Will Hamas squander its Gaza victory?

Hicham Safieddine
30 November 2012

Khaled Meshaal’s U-turns make him sound like a broken record of Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestinian protesters harassed, beaten by Abbas supporters in Jerusalem

Budour Youssef Hassan
7 November 2012

Counter-demonstrators outnumbered protesters renouncing Abbas’ comments over right of return.

How hunger strikers "tied the hands of the occupation": a view from Israeli prison

Ameer Makhoul
Gilboa Prison
9 June 2012
Palestinian political prisoner Ameer Makhoul provides an insider’s take on the historic mass hunger strike in Israeli prisons.

US activists prepare to break Israel's blockade on Gaza

Alex Kane
10 June 2011
Final preparations are underway for the next big flotilla to Gaza, which is scheduled to occur in late June. The US Boat to Gaza will take part in the largest planned fleet yet, with an estimated 1,000 passengers from an array of countries collaborating to break Israel’s blockade.

Persecution of Hamas activists continues in the West Bank

While the composition of the new Palestinian Authority technocrat government is meant to be announced on 6 June, on the ground, the Palestinian Authority collaboration with the Israeli occupation and the persecution of Hamas activists continues as usual.

EI's Ali Abunimah on "reconciliation" deal in Al Jazeera English

In an oped for Al Jazeera English today, The Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah takes a deeper look at the “reconciliation” deal signed by Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah in Cairo last week and argues that contrary to the hopes of many Palestinians it may be a dead end:

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