Palestinian Bedouin homes demolished by Israel

More than eight months after Israel cancelled a plan to displace tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouins, housing demolitions continue without pause.

In photos: Israeli bulldozers raze Bedouin community

Silvia Boarini
Beer Sheva
18 June 2014

Israeli forces have razed al-Araqib village dozens of times, but Bedouin residents vow to remain.

Last Palestinian family vows to remain as Israel gentrifies historic Haifa neighborhood

Patrick O. Strickland
3 January 2014

The Abbas family has lived in Haifa’s Wadi al-Siyah for more than 100 years.

BBC ignores ethnic cleansing in two interviews with Bedouin activist

Israel presented as benign towards indigenous people of the Naqab.

Zionists massacred Bedouins in 1948, threaten them again today

Nasser Rego
20 August 2013

The village of al-Araqib is a living testament to how the Nakba never stopped.

JNF's loss of half UK charity revenue good news for Palestinians

A little over one week ago, the Jewish Chronicle led with a huge story about the UK branch of the Jewish National Fund: “JNF loses half its revenue,” the front page story said. Oddly enough, the story seems not to be available on the JC website. Pro-Palestinians activists have been sharing the story online via social networks.

Protests and strikes as Israel raids Bedouin villages, threatens to destroy homes

Budour Youssef Hassan
19 October 2012
Tear gas fired at school in Naqab village of Bir Hadaj as JNF threatens to demolish Palestinian homes

Israel takes pride in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Bedouin villages

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
9 October 2012
Happy that their theft of the West Bank has succeeded, right-wing Israelis are turning their sights on the Negev.

Interview: Israel depriving Bedouins of right to education, says attorney

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
17 September 2012
Despite an Israeli high court ruling to open a high school in a Bedouin village, students remained deprived of basic educational facilities.


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