Nakba day

Syria rebels and regime share blame for Yarmouk catastrophe

Rebel and regime crimes against Palestinians in Syria detailed in latest edition of the Journal of Palestine Studies.

The Month in Pictures: May 2013

6 June 2013

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

BDS Roundup: Alice Walker, Roger Waters call on Alicia Keys to cancel Tel Aviv show

A roundup of recent global actions related to the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

J Street's pipe dreams of peace

Miko Peled
22 May 2013

A prominent Israel lobbyist hears “talk of peace” in the air; what air is he breathing?

Podcast: Max Blumenthal on investigating the Islamophobia industry's financial network

Max Blumenthal talks about the extensive investigation into the Islamophobia industry’s financial network, including what’s behind the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Watch: “From Al-Araqib to Susiya” - Palestinians highlight Israel’s ongoing efforts to expel them

Sixty-five years after the Nakba – Israel’s expulsion and dispossession of the Palestinians – began Palestinians still face forced removal from their land.

Despite threats, students to commemorate Nakba at Tel Aviv University

Patrick O. Strickland
Tel Aviv
10 May 2013

Counter-demonstrators attacked last year’s event marking the anniversary of the dispossession of Palestine

BBC Trust upholds complaint over Nakba Day radio report that downplayed expulsion of Palestinians

The governing body of BBC agrees that there had been “a lack of clarity as to what Nakba Day commemorates,” and that the language used did not accurately “convey the reality of the departures [of the refugees].”

Jerusalem family anxiously awaits return of son after 25 years in Israeli prison

Palestinian detainee Jihad al-Obeidi will soon be freed after 25 years in Israeli prison.


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