Israeli occupation leaves psychological not just physical scars

Alia Al Ghussain
11 September 2013

We need to focus more on the psychological war that Israel is waging.

A protest in Ramallah

In the latest installment of her visit to the “rest of Palestine,” Rana Baker recounts a demonstration against the PA in Ramallah, and finds reminders of her native Gaza in Nablus.

Palestinian novelist Sahar Khalifeh awarded Moroccan literary prize

Khalifeh was awarded the Mohamed Zafzaf Prize for Arabic Literature in a ceremony at the Asilah Cultural Festival in Morocco.

Children beaten and blindfolded by Israeli troops

More evidence has emerged to show that Israel is abusing Palestinian boys, as young as nine.

Israeli soldiers force nine-year-old to act as human shield

Some 236 Palestinian children were held in Israeli detention during February — a considerable increase from previous months.

Nablus was "the center of everything": interview with architect Naseer Arafat

Daryl Meador
12 March 2013

New book documents how West Bank city’s buildings were destroyed by Israeli invasion.

Why aid projects in Palestine are doomed to fail

Jeremy Wildeman
6 September 2012
Israeli control and major donors prioritizing their relationship with Israel prevent the delivering effective aid to Palestinians living under occupation.

Month in Pictures: August 2012

4 September 2012
A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

Bilal Diab and Woroud Qasem released as hunger strikes for freedom go on

Bilal Diab is released from Israeli prison following 77 days of hunger strike; meanwhile Palestinian Authority forces arrest brother of hunger striking prisoner Hassan Safadi.


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