Mustafa Barghouti

Israel seizes political, military opportunity in teens’ disappearance -photos

Israel has mobilized all its resources “to crush Hamas in the West Bank and destroy the recently formed unity government as well as collectively punish the Palestinian people,” says rights group.

Palestinians dodge Israeli soldiers to retake village in occupied West Bank

Patrick O. Strickland
Jordan Valley
4 February 2014

Ein Hijleh was forcibly depopulated by Israel in 1967. Palestinians are reclaiming the land, linking it to their history and heritage.

Watch: EI writer Ben White, Mustafa Barghouti trounce Israeli occupation functionary over segregated buses

American settler and occupation functionary Gregg Roman meets his match in Ben White and Mustafa Barghouti on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story.

Eviction of Bab Al Shams exposes Israel as a lawless state

Max Blumenthal
14 January 2013

Israeli prime minister ordered evacuation of protest village despite court order.

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