Muslim Brotherhood

The destructive legacy of Arab liberals

Joseph Massad
30 March 2015

Arab liberalism allied itself with US and Israel to impoverish and destroy whole countries.

Egyptian press repeat Israeli lies as Sisi keeps Gaza border closed

Jihad Abaza
15 July 2014

Palestinians remain trapped by Israel and Egypt as the bombing continues.

Gaza health ministry declares state of emergency

14 July 2014

Frustrated aid workers stranded at border as Egypt keeps Gaza crossing closed.

Did Hamas really help the Muslim Brotherhood break open Egypt's prisons?

Contrary to current accusations, a judicial report found that it was Mubarak’s Minister of Interior who ordered the prisons to be opened.

Why are Egyptian media demonizing Palestinians?

Hanine Hassan
23 July 2013
A poster of Mohammed Morsi entangled in barbed wire, with soldiers in background

Egyptian elite’s turn against the Palestinian people has deep roots in the peace treaty with Israel.

Egypt deporting Palestinians trying to return to Gaza

Palestinians trying to return home to the Gaza Strip from overseas, via Cairo airport, are being deported by Egyptian authorities to the countries they flew in from, at their own expense.

Cairo remains dependent on US aid, says scholar of Egyptian foreign policy

Sarah Irving
10 April 2013

Making Egypt more critical towards Israel requires a “structural change” within Egypt itself.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has reneged on promises to Palestine

Amira Howeidy
21 March 2013

Egypt’s policies toward Gaza are a barometer of the country’s foreign policy independence since the fall of Mubarak.

In shock reversal, Abe Foxman's ADL speaks out against rights for Arab Jews

What can explain the sudden hostility to the rights of Arab Jews being recognized in Egypt?

Will Hamas squander its Gaza victory?

Hicham Safieddine
30 November 2012

Khaled Meshaal’s U-turns make him sound like a broken record of Mahmoud Abbas.


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