movement restrictions

Video: Bringing the Holy Fire of Easter through a military checkpoint

Claire Boubé and
Linda Paganelli
15 April 2015

Israel denies Palestinian Christians access to Jerusalem.

Israel punishing Oxfam for break up with Scarlett Johansson, say aid workers

Israeli occupation authorities have been delaying permits to enter Gaza for staff from Oxfam in what may be retaliation for the international charity’s criticism of Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson.

Infographic: How the Israeli ID card system enforces apartheid

Powerful new graphic from Visualizing Palestine shows how Israel’s system of identity cards is used to enforce apartheid on Palestinians.

Egypt "humiliates" travelers from Gaza

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
1 May 2014
Elderly woman sits next to suitcase near fence and barbed wire

Only 36 medical patients were allowed through Rafah crossing in February.

Why is Gaza always Egypt's scapegoat?

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
17 December 2013
Elderly woman displays travel document in waiting room

Unlike the Rafah crossing, other borders have been opened since the Cairo coup earlier this year.

Power cuts force Gaza's youth to study in dark

Gaza Strip
15 November 2013
Boys read by candle light

The Gaza Strip has no electricity for around half of each day.

Six-year-old loses eye from bullets Israel promised to phase out

Dylan Collins and
Patrick O. Strickland
7 October 2013
Man sits next to boy wearing cotton bandage eye patch

Mousab Sarahnin’s family were shot at a moment after leaving a bus.

In photos: Palestinian resilience at Israeli checkpoints and walls

Oren Ziv
27 August 2013

Black and white photo series by Oren Ziv shows the lengths to which Palestinians in the West Bank must go to enjoy a holiday at the beach.

Gaza Palestinians still stranded abroad by Egypt's restrictions

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
12 July 2013
Men and boys sleep on suitcases

Palestinians deported from Cairo have no clear idea of when they will be allowed home.


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