movement restrictions

Why is Gaza always Egypt's scapegoat?

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
17 December 2013

Unlike the Rafah crossing, other borders have been opened since the Cairo coup earlier this year.

Power cuts force Gaza's youth to study in dark

Gaza Strip
15 November 2013

The Gaza Strip has no electricity for around half of each day.

Six-year-old loses eye from bullets Israel promised to phase out

Dylan Collins and
Patrick O. Strickland
7 October 2013

Mousab Sarahnin’s family were shot at a moment after leaving a bus.

In photos: Palestinian resilience at Israeli checkpoints and walls

Oren Ziv
27 August 2013

Black and white photo series by Oren Ziv shows the lengths to which Palestinians in the West Bank must go to enjoy a holiday at the beach.

Gaza Palestinians still stranded abroad by Egypt's restrictions

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
12 July 2013

Palestinians deported from Cairo have no clear idea of when they will be allowed home.

In photos: Palestinian workers' everyday nightmare at Israeli checkpoints

Daniel Tepper
9 July 2013

Photo series documents both the cruelty of Israel’s occupation and the resolve of the Palestinian people in the face of daily hardship.

Palestinian resolve to cross Israel's wall featured in new film

Sarah Irving
5 July 2013

Filmmaker Khaled Jarrar traces the often heroic attempts made to dodge Israeli soldiers.

Israel imposes new fuel restrictions on Gaza

Gaza City
2 July 2013

The only crossing for commercial goods between Israel and Gaza has been closed five times since the end of February.

Imagination has no substitute: reflections on PalFest in Gaza

Susan Abulhawa
7 June 2013

A literature festival reminds us that that Palestine is a place of miracles.

Israel's land theft means Gaza camels have few places to graze

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
23 January 2013

Camel’s milk is used as a traditional remedy.


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